The Coalition of Advocates for Undocumented Students' Education


Our Mission

The Coalition of Advocates for Undocumented Students’ Education was founded on December 26th of 2018. Abbreviated to CAUSE, it exists to support, empower, grow, educate, and bring together clubs representing undocumented immigrants across CPS high schools.

Together, we strive to innovate constructive solutions to breakdown social obstacles faced by the undocumented community. CAUSE fights for all students regardless of their legal status.

Purpose Of The Website

The CAUSE website will serve as the hub to highlight the work that CAUSE has done in the past, alongside our current projects. Furthermore, the website will showcase the work of local artists, and that of other student-led clubs that are advocating for the undocumented community.

Most importantly, the website will house our resource guide that provides up-to-date information for undocumented students such as access to scholarships, legal aid, and mental health services.


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