Mentor Profiles

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Andrea Aguilera Villalobos


My name is Andrea Aguilera Villalobos, and I am a CPS alumni. I graduated from Dominican University with a double major in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies with a concentration in social services. Being involved in my community and volunteering to support youth is a personal commitment of mine, and that is also what I like to dedicate my free time towards. In the future I plan to become a bilingual social worker and obtain my masters degree from Loyola. I’m currently working at The Chicago Public Education Fund, a non-profit organization that supports and create programs for CPS principals. Previously I was working at Network 8 at CPS. Working in education over the past 3-4 years has allowed me to understand the importance of supporting educators, students, and parents. Outside of work and volunteering, I like to spend time at the gym and with my friends and family.

Favorite Hobbies: Working out, going to concerts, traveling

Thinking back on the support I needed when I was a high school student trying to navigate higher education and applying to college as an undocumented student was a bit difficult. I learned so much and gathered resources while going through that, so if I can be of any support to anyone going through that process right now and make it a bit less stressful, I’m definitely willing to go the extra mile to support.

Gabriela Castillo


Born in Mexico City in 2002 and immigrated to the United States on 2005 with the ambition and hope from my parents. I am currently attending the University of Illinois at Chicago majoring in Psychology and doing a minor on Sociology. I aspire to be a mental health therapist for children as I believe mental health should be prioritized and taken seriously in early years.

Favorite hobbies: watching Marvel movies with my nephew and niece, collecting candles, and to take care of my indoor plants.

I chose to join the UndocuMentored Team because I resonate with what the team stands for and prioritizing undocumented students during high school and their post-secondary journey. Due to my experience as an undocumented student, it was personally important that I help others like me to go through an easier post-secondary journey.

Andrea martinez


I grew up in and currently reside in Chicago, but I am originally from Tarimoro, Guanajuato. I am the oldest of four siblings, a Scorpio and a proud DACAmented student! I will be graduating from Dominican University this May with a bachelors in Sociology and minors in Chemistry and Biology. I plan on taking a gap year before continuing my education and attending medical school. I’m not sure what I’d like to specialize in yet, but I feel drawn to female reproductive health or endocrinology. During my upcoming gap year I plan on traveling, resting, doing research and expanding both my personal and professional experiences. In my free time, I like to read (currently reading Todas nuestras noches by Maximiliano Pizzicotti), journal and paint.

Favorite hobbies: Painting, yoga, and studying astrology

It was through my own mentors that I realized the value of my experiences as an undocumented individual and gained pride in who I am. I joined UndocuMentored because I want others to recognize the power and the capacity to make a difference that they hold in their identity!

Juan Rosas


Chicago native. I attend Lewis University and major in aviation administration. I aspire to one day be a commercial pilot.

Favorite hobbies: work out, travel, eat

I want to become a better mentor and resource for the youth. It was hard growing up without sense of direction as an undocumented student. I want to help those who feel lost.