Mentor Profiles

Natividad Perez (naty)


Currently attending University of Illinois at Chicago pursuing a Bachelors in Human Development and Learning. Naty aspires to be a College and Career Specialist one day. 

Favorite hobbies: Yoga, walking in nature, working out, and watching novelas

Favorite show/series: Friends

Ahilynne Perez


Ahilynne is Loyola University Chicago graduate. She received a Bachelor’s in Political Science. She aspires to go to Law school in the future. 

Favorite hobbies: Crochet, sing, and cook/ bake

Favorite show/series: WWE

Daniel Vega


Daniel graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and from Northeastern Illinois University with a Masters in the same field. 

Favorite hobbies: Programming during his free time, playing video games, and recently started getting into photography

Favorite show/series: The Last of Us & That 70’s Show

Aniqa Jewa


Aniqa is acurrently a double major in social work and elementary education with an ESL endorsement at the University of Loyola Chicago. She aspires to one day be able to help enhance the quality of life within underprivileged parts of the world where children don’t have access to equitable and quality education.

Favorite hobbies: Volleyball, binge-watching TV shows, and cleaning/organizing

Favorite show/series: Grey’s Anatomy