Community Based Organizations

This is a list of community organizations or platforms that have, and continue to aid undocumented/DACAmented folks. 

community organizations

Blocks Together Torrence Shorter Legal Clinic

Phone: (773) 940-2319


Services Offered: Provides support and services aimed at immigration, health, education, and violence prevention.

Frida Kahlo

Services Offered: Provides educational (adult and youth) and immigration services.

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)

Phone: (312) 357-4666


IL Legislative Latino Caucus Foundation

Services Offered: Provides resources, scholarships, and conferences

Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC)

Services Offered: Provides information and assistance to help make education accessible and affordable, events, resources

Indo American Center

Phone: (773) 973-4444 ext. 100

Junior Achievement

Services Offered: Provides support and services to youth on a variety of skill sets and career opportunities in the business world.

For more information you can also call (312) 715-1300.

Ladder Up

Services Offered: Tax assistance, financial aid for college, financial literacy workshops. 

Location: 350 N. Orlean, Suite C2-100 Chicago, IL 60654

For more information you can call them at (312) 409-1555

Latino Organization of the Southwest

Phone: (773) 581-1900

Latinos Progresando

Services Offered: Immigration legal services, community education, resource network, and wellness education. 

LC Foundation
Services Offered: Support youth philanthropy, provides scholarships and grants 

For more information you can call (740) 349-3863. 

Muslim Women Resource Center

Phone: (773) 764-1686


One Million Degrees

Services Offered: Offers personal, academic, professional, and financial supports to each of its scholar. 

For more information you can call (312) 920-9605

Pilsen Neighbors 

Services Offered: Support education, immigrant expungment, and community involvement. 

Southwest Organizing Project

Phone: (773) 471-8208

The Resurrection Project/La Casa Student Housing

Services Offered: Support financial stability, affordable housing, immigration, community involvement. 

For more information you can call (312) 666-1323.

resource platforms

Academic Works 

Services offered: CPS portal for scholarship opportunities

Anhelo Project

Services Offered: Resources and financial aid for undocumented students pursuing higher education

College Greenlight 

Services Offered: Connects first-generation and minority students with colleges, scholarships, and mentors.


Services Offered: College workshops, college camps, leadership institutes, scholarships, 


Services Offered: Provides programs and events aimed at post-secondary pathways (events, summits, conferences, workshops, etc.)

For more information call: (800) 829-0176 | (847) 577-2953