About us

The UndocuMentored Mentorship Program is an alumni mentorship initiative that aims to support current juniors in high school through their college transition process. Through this mentorship, the high school student will be supported academically, socially, and emotionally. We understand that college may seem intimidating, and to many, it is the family milestone. Which is why we are here to support! This program was inspired by the uniquely common struggles of upcoming first-generation Undocumented high school seniors. We know that by providing that individualized, one-on-one assistance and support, we will be able to help transform the dreams of our Undocumented scholars’ futures.


To support undocumented high school students academically, socially, and emotionally through their college navigation process.


Transform our first-generation, Undocumented high school scholars by providing them with scholarship, legal, academic, social, and emotional support through peer-to-peer mentorship advising.





Provide scholarly support and encouragement 

Peer-to-peer advising and network connections 

Prioritizing emotional and mental health