UndocuMentored FAQ

for mentees

To become a mentee you will need to apply for the program. Applications open during the Spring semester of the academic year. 

Students must:

  • Identify as being in the immigrant spectrum (fully undocumented, ITIN holder, TPS, DACA, asylee, etc).
  • Be a rising senior when applying (current junior, but senior once the new academic year starts)

No! Students from charter and noble schools are also encouraged to apply. 

There is no language requirement to become a mentee. We will do our best to pair you with a mentor who is able to communicate in your native language. 

While you do not pick your mentor yourself, we are very intentional when creating the pairing. We ensure all mentees have input as to the type of mentor they’d like to have and we do our best to make the best match. 

Contact us through email at [email protected].

for mentors

To become a mentor, we ask that all candidates apply when the application period starts. We are currently not accepting mentor applications. If you are interested in joining our team for the next academic year, please email us at [email protected]. There are other ways to get involved, please check us out at our social media to learn more!

Mentors must: 

  • Demonstrate being pationate about mentoring 
  • Be familiar with the experiences that come with being part of the immigrant community 
  • Be willing to work with students who have diverse backgrounds 
  • Be a current college student or recent graduate
  • Be knowledgeable on the college process and options available for immigrant students
  • Dedicate up to 10 hours every week to UndocuMentored work. Which includes attending meetings, trainings, meeting with mentees and helping mentees with their after-high-school plans. 

No, to become a mentor you have to either identify as part of the immigrant community or as an undocumented ally. Your documentation status does not hinder your application, but the more informed a mentor candidate is about the experience of being an immigrant student in the city of Chicago, the more likely they are to be considered. 

It is not required to be a CPS alum, however, it is encouraged. Email us with any questions, as it is on a case to case basis.

Yes, mentors are required to currently reside in Illinois. We want to ensure our mentees can meet one-on-one with mentors. Additonally, we may host events in Chicago and would require mentors to be present.

No prior professional experience needed to join. However, Mentors are required to have proven experience building collaborative working relationships with peers, mentors, and professors as well as representatives from universities, businesses, government, and community-based organizations.

There is no language requirement to become a mentor. However, fluency in a language other than English is encouraged and a bonus as mentees come from various backgrounds.

No. It is a part-time, paid postion. Mentors are paid hourly. Mentors can be DACA, TPS or contractors. 

Contact us through email at [email protected].